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Hello, Dear Visitor.

I am Ali Can Aslan, I was born in 1998 in Giresun, Bulancak. I graduated from Ordu University, Department of Banking, Finance and Insurance. I have been interested in web and graphic design for about eight years. In this sector, I work with user-oriented, highly interactive works and develop myself in the programming and programming languages ​​required by the profession and continue to be the content producer in the fields that target digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, SMO.

My blog is a web interface diary that started publishing in 2019, where personal articles, especially technology, internet, web design, graphic design, wordpress, blogger etc. are compiled and meet with visitors. Most of the articles in my blog consist of research and development (R & D) carefully selected and compiled from foreign sources and sites that produce Turkish content.

In addition to blogging, I also provide web and graphic design services as a freelencer and editor at various forums and blog sites. Technology is more than a passion for me. The new technological tools, such as the first toy in the hands of a baby in my hand causes curiosity and excitement. Although it is very difficult to make a difference in the technology sector in the globalizing world, I have made vision to share the mission, to see the information as the most valuable treasure in order to make a difference.

You can email us at info@alicanaslan.com.tr for everything you wonder about me and my blog. I wish you all the best blogs.  [full-width]

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